Famous Steakhouse of Dallas

For over fifty years, and four generations, our family has been proud to serve the good people of Dallas with traditionally cooked steaks, burgers, and other delicious grilled foods. Unlike many other restaurants nowadays, we stick to the basics, always using an open-flame grill. We believe that you get a far better taste by using this method, instead of a flat iron- and our thousands of satisfied customers all agree!

If you’re a Dallas local, then you probably already know us from “Sonny the Steer” on top of our roof. He’s been here since the late 1960s, and is just another way in which we proudly display our heritage at Charco Broiler. Our family has always put its heart and soul into this business, and the fact that we’re still here fifty years later is a testament to how that dedication has paid off. Whenever you visit, we work hard to make sure you get your food as quickly as possible, and our friendly servers are always on hand to make your dining experience the best it can be.

Enhancing Your Dine-in Experience

We even take extra care over our sides and sauces, so that you’re guaranteed a delicious dining experience throughout. We still cook our baked potatoes in the oven instead of a microwave to ensure they come out fluffy, and our homemade sauces have won many awards in the past. By putting our all into every aspect of your meal, and cooking everything to order on the premises, you’re sure of a great meal when you come to us. We treat all of our customers like family, and we believe that you should get only the very best from us.

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to welcoming you into Charco Broiler soon. Great food and great service- what more could you ask for? Come and find out what all the fuss is about today!

Plain hot baked potato with just butter.

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